My new Top King shorts – How do you think?

Just got a new pair! My friend bought them online for me. Thanks a lot, Geo.

I  have never used Top King Thai shorts before.  It is a good time for me to test it. They look very cool!  I like the style of shorts and their quality. The shorts fit well while the length of shorts is not so long.

Top king thai boxing shorts

My new pair - Top king thai boxing shorts

After I have tried the shorts, I think their quality is OK for me. Top King gloves is the next gear I would like to try. I will buy some gloves online and review them here.



My favorite Muay Thai shorts and Thai art

RAJA  boxing shorts
Fantastic RAJA boxing shorts

These are one of my favorite Muay Thai shorts. Made by RAJA boxing factory, the shorts look really beautiful. Though the silver patterns are the simplify version, they still reflect the finest of Thai art.

The center text at the front is the fighter name, written in Thai (Thai lettering). Just under the big text is the name of his camp.


Welcome to Muay Thai Boxing Shorts .com !!

I would like to welcome you all to my blog of Muay Thai boxing shorts!

This blog will show how beautiful of Thai art reflects in Muay Thai apparel is. As I love Thai boxing and have my own interest in art, Muay Thai shorts and their designs attract me.

Thai art - Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Thai art & Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

This place will be a small art exhibition of Thai boxing shorts that you can join. I will share my photos of shorts I found interesting here and also other topics related to Muay Thai and Thai art.

Thank you for visiting…