Pah-Kah-Mah and Muay Thai shorts

Twins Special, the big brand of Muay Thai gear, has now launched a lot of new Muay Thai shorts this month. I found one shorts very interesting on a Muay Thai store, These shorts use Thai traditional cloth called Pah-Kah-Mah to decorate it. Pah-Kah-Mah is a general purpose cloth which is widely used in Thailand. It can be used in variety situation. For example, when taking a bath, it is used like a bath towel/robes. During a day, when taking a rest, it can be used like a cradle.

Twins Special Muay Thai shorts - Code: TBS-X-106

TBS-X-106 Twins Muay Thai shorts

Pah Kah Mah - Thai Traditional fabric

Pah Kah Mah

Pahkahmah is very useful cloth. Thai men wear it as pants, wrap it around the waist when taking a shower, use it as a mat on the floor, use it as a pillow, cover it around heads to protect them from sunlight, use it as string, wrap accessories and carry as bags.

Because of the great design and the value of Thai art – Pah-Kah-Mah, TBS-X-106 Thai shorts by Twins Special are one of the best shorts of mine in year 2013.

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